Mitron App Traffic Has Increased 11 Times Since TikTok’s Ban, Downloads So Far Near 23 Million

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What is Mitron? | How to Download Mitron App? | Mitron App Traffic Has Increased 11 Times Since TikTok’s Ban, Downloads So Far Near 23 Million

Traffic on the short video app Friends (Mitron) increased 11-fold a day after the government banned 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok. At the same time, within five days this app has crossed the number of users from one crore to one crore 70 lakhs.

The Friends app is one of the most downloaded apps in India within the last two months.

Mitra App CEO and Founder Shivank Aggarwal said that the response given by Indian users is unbelievable and exciting.

This is more than we expected. At the same time, Anish Khandelwal, another founder, and CEO of the app says, “We have built a solid backend infrastructure. This is helping us to increase traffic on the app.

The company claims that the app is getting 30 million video views in an hour. Users upload millions of videos in ten languages.

Shivank said that we are hiring many new talent to speed up the Friends app.

Right now we are a young company. He said, ‘We sincerely hope that our app is going to be the best app in the short video space. We are working on adding more new features.

The founder of this app is Shivank Aggarwal, a student of IIT Roorkee and Anish Khandelwal, a student of Visvesaraya National Institute of Technology.

It is a short video app similar to TikTok, on which users create and upload short videos.

Mitron App Traffic Has Increased 11 Times Since TikTok’s Ban, Downloads So Far Near 23 Million

Seeing the soaring popularity of short video-making apps in India, an IIT Roorkee student Shivank Agarwal has developed an Indian version of TikTok called Mitron.

The app has gained in popularity ever since its release a month ago and has hit over 5 lakh downloads on the Google PlayStore.

You can download the Mitron app from the PlayStore, however, it is not available on the Apple App Store.

What works in favor of the India-made app is the current anti-China sentiment and also the numerous controversies that the Chinese app TikTok is embroiled in right now.

Things were so bad for TikTok that just a few days ago the app’s rating on the PlayStore dropped to as low as 1.3 stars.

What is Mitron?

Mitron may be a short video-making application that features an interface very almost like its rival TikTok. It lets users create short 15-second videos where they will create humorous content or maybe showcase their talent.

The Mitron app reviews and ratings on the PlayStore are high, but many users have also mentioned that the app still features a lot of bugs.

As the two apps are similar, we can see a Mitron vs TikTok rivalry brewing in the days to come. However, as TikTok is widely popular it will be interesting to see whether Mitron can sustain the growth in the longer run.

How to Download Mitron App?

Currently, the Mitro App is only available for download from the Google PlayStore where you have to go to the search bar on your PlayStore app and type “Mitron”

The app is 8MB in size and requires an Android device to run on firmware version 5.0 or higher.

You can use the Mitro app without the need to create an account as you’ll be able to watch the content on it. So in order to upload your video, you will have to register yourself with and account ID and password.

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