Best Garment Steamers in India 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

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Garment Steamers are easy to use and have a quick setup procedure. They are also lightweight which makes them easy to maneuver and you can easily de-wrinkle your garments even when they are on the hanger. So We Come Up With List of 10 Best Garment Steamers in India.

Best Garment Steamers in India

To make the task easy for you, in this article, we share with you the 10 best garment steamers in the market today so as to give you convenience in keeping your clothes clean and de-wrinkled.

The Garment steamers, also known as clothes steamers, are a helpful multi-purpose appliance. Commonly, they are used as an alternative to an iron and ironing board as a faster method to removing wrinkles from clothing and the like.

They are easy to use with a quick set up (no ironing board required), light-weight making them easy to maneuver, and you can de-wrinkle garments right on the hanger.
Steaming saves time, reduces wear and tear, is safe for near ..

So here is a detailed guide on the best garment steamer and all you need to do is pick the one which is ideal for your daily use.

Top 10 Best Garment Steamer In India

1. Inalsa Garment Steamer Handy Steam-600W

  • We Placed these Inalsa Garment Steamers in the First position on our list of Best 10 Garment Steamers in India.
  • This Inalsa is a well-known brand in India for small home appliances that makes the most user-friendly products in conformity with its Spanish subsidiary partner company- the Taurus Group.
  • An auxiliary fabric brush fits perfectly onto the steamer head and helps in clearing out the lint and tags on the fabric before steaming.
  • Design, quality, and convenience are some of the attributes they focus on and this 600 Watt handy garment steamer is one of their best products available in India.
  • It also has a temperature control automatic shut off feature to protect the product from getting overheated or adhere to dry boiling.
  • The 600 Watt power core is good enough to get the creases out even on the toughest garments. It comes with a 120ml easy to fill the water tank that can produce steam to up to 15 minutes.
  • Water level indication on the tank and Easy to fill water tank
  • Powerful steam flow-15g/mn and Safety handle
  • Big nozzle steam head and Detachable brush head
  • Automatic shut off feature
  • Convenient for vertical angle steaming
  • Lightweight , Affordable and portable
  • Works best vertically
  • Heats up in seconds and Kills germs and provides wrinkle-free garments quickly
  • Its Comes with 2-year warranty
  • Spits water on the garments along with the steam
  • Its having small water tank

2. WisTec Techne Direct 1000-Watts Portable Handheld Garment Steamer

  • We Placed these WisTec Garment Steamers in the 2nd positions on our list of Best 10 Garment Steamers in India. 
  • As the Steam Head plate is of steel which gives you direct comfort of Horizontal ironing as compared to other steamers. With a time refill, you can iron 5 to 7 clothes at a time which saves your time.
  • It is garment friendly and can be safe on all garments like pillows, cushions, sari, blazers, etc. without harming the beauty of the fabric.
  • The garment steamer works on powerful 1000W with a steam output of up to 21GM/MIN. It is compatible with vertical steam function in order to remove the crease faster.
  • An additional brush is provided to remove hair and lint from the fabric. The tank can hold water up to 260 ml.
  • Transparent water tank
  • Highly efficient jet steam function
  • Works remarkably well on both horizontal and vertical angles
  • User-friendly design
  • Wrinkle-busting steam in 40 seconds
  • 1000 Watt core and Constant steam for 15-20 minutes
  • High-Temperature Automatic Power-off
  • Jet Lock function
  • Stainless steel bucket head and Supplementary brush head
  • Cost-effective
  • No Major cons but the cable is quite short.

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3. Usha Techne Direct 1000-Watt Garment Steamer

  • We Placed these Usha Garment Steamers in the third position on our list of Best 10 Garment Steamers in India. 
  • The Usha Techne 1000 Watt garment steamer is one of the front runners in the category because of its ergonomic design and performance. The 200ml water tank is apt for such a compact and portable steamer.
  • The 1000 Watt power helps in producing 21g/mn steam jet powerful enough to kill the surface germs and leave the garment crease-free. Same as the aforementioned products, Usha Techne comes with a detachable brush head to help remove lint on the fabric.
  • This powerful steamer is placed after the 600 Watt Inalsa steamer only because of a minor design issue. Since it is a compact steamer.
  • The distance between the steamer head and the handle is less which might cause some ergonomic concern. However, it deserves a place this high on the list because of its unmatched performance.
  • It is ideal for those crisp looking business suits, delicate sarees and other fabrics. The most attractive feature of the steamer is its 360-degree swivel cord that makes sure every nook and corner of your garment is free of wrinkles.
  • 200 ml water tank with level indicator
  • 1000 Watt power core and powerful steam flow-21g/mn
  • 360 degrees swivel cord
  • Detachable brush head
  • It having automatic shut off feature
  • Compact, lightweight, portable and travel-friendly
  • Good quality build
  • Heats up in seconds and Kills germs
  • Comes with total 2-years of warranty
  • Sprays water droplets onto the fabric along with the steam when the tank is overfilled.

4. Philips EasyTouch plus Garment Steamer

  • We Placed these Philips Garment Steamers in the Fourth position on our list of Best 10 Garment Steamers in India. 
  • When choosing a garment steamer, we tend to look for brands that are globally recognized to ensure that we entrust our money in the right hands.
  • When it comes to these criteria, garment steamer by Philips is one of our better choices because this brand is around for several decades already.
  • One of the best garment steamers on their line is the Philips Garment Steamer GC523/60; it is equipped with the latest technology that you can use to remove wrinkles on your clothes efficiently.
  • It has a detachable tank that lets you clean it without any hassles and refill it comfortably whenever you need to.
  • For you to have deeper knowledge regarding its other features come and join us as we discuss it’s other features below.
  • It has a magnificent design
  • Very reliable
  • Comes With unmatched stability
  • Comfortable handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Power consumption of 1600 watts
  • Maximum water capacity – 1.6 liters
  • Accessory included – brush
  • Heat up time – 60 seconds
  • 5 Steam Settings Now you can choose the steam as per the fabrics with the five steam settings provided in the steamer.
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Does not work great on hard creases:If you have clothes that have hard creases, this might not offer the best result.
  • The nozzle does not twist freely: Definitely, it has been provided with a nozzle for friendly use but would have been better if it was more free for twisting and turning.
  • Not at all travel-friendly
  • Expensive

5. Inalsa Steam Master 1600-Watt Garment Steamer

  • Inalsa Garment Steamer from the brand Inalsa is yet another smart buy for your home to tackle the ironing chore of your daily needs easily.
  • The device offers you the perfect crease and wrinkle removing for any type of fabrics including upholstery and curtains.
  • For effective crease removal, it is featured with an XL steam plate with powerful continuous steam that offers you the quick and best results.
  • The device also has four different steam output settings for different fabrics including cotton, linen, polyester, and silk. With its adjustable pole with hanger, you can easily hang your clothes while steaming your garment.
  • Plus the unique 360-degree foldable swivel hanger with clips makes steaming more quick and easy. The best part with this garment steamer is that you don’t need to wait for a long time as it gets ready to use within 40 seconds.
  • Full Boil dry protection
  • XL steam plate for powerful continuous steam
  • Vertical steam for quick wrinkle removal
  • Its having 4 steam output setting
  • Detachable Fabric brush
  • Great in terms of quality and performance and 360◦ Folding Swivel Hanger with Clips
  • Adjustable pole height
  • Power On/Off Indicator
  • Versatile and effective garment steamer and Can be used to steam most of the fabrics
  • Provides strong steam for effective crease removal from the garments
  • Adjustable height of the pole is a good option
  • Difficult to assemble or disassemble

6. Russell Hobbs Professional Garment Steamer

  • We Placed these Russell Hobbs Garment Steamers in the Sixth position on our list of Best 10 Garment Steamers in India. 
  • This Russell Hobbs RGS1800-Professional Garment Steamer will make your vision a reality because it is highly capable of removing wrinkles on a lot of clothes in one session.
  • The device refreshes and sanitizes all your delicate fabrics perfectly and also aids in quick and easy crease removal.
  • It comes with an adjustable pole to steam the garments on the basis of their height. When it comes to removing wrinkles on our clothes, especially if you have a big family, a heavy-duty garment steamer is suggested.
  • There are times wherein we would like to take a certain thing that we do very seriously, and it is only possible if you have a heavy-duty item with you.
  • For you to have more knowledge with this one of a kind product, let’s dive deep into some of its amazing features.
  • Power consumption – 1800 watts
  • Operating voltage – 220 to 240 volts
  • Perfect for jackets, shirts, gowns, pants, and suits.
  • Operates at 1800 W
  • Auto shut off feature
  • High stability wheels – this gives you the privilege of easily transferring the location of this garment steamer whenever you need to.
  • Cloth suspension hanger – eases the process of steaming and ensures that the ironing is not disturbed.
  • Water tank capacity – 1.6 liters
  • Consumes more electricity: Compared to its counterparts this garment steamer consumes more electricity, but it is understandable due to its big motor.
  • Water droplets is a problem, so keep the spout slightly away from expensive clothes to avoid the stains
  • Not portable
  • Water leaks at certain temperatures making the floor dirty.

7. Philips Handheld Garment Steamer

  • We Placed these Philips Garment Steamers in the Seventh position on our list of Best 10 Garment Steamers in India.
  • When it comes to electronics, Philips has established a well-known reputation simply because of the high standards of quality that their products possess.
  • Thankfully, they also have a collection of garment steamers on their line of products, and one of them is the Philips Steam & Go Handheld Garment Steamer.
  • Garment steamer by Philips is made of highly-durable materials that are considered the top of the line, but the good thing is that even though it is considered expensive.
  • It is still cheaper compared to other high-end garment steamers.

Let us now check out its other features to see if it is the perfect fit for you!

  • The material used – high-quality plastic
  • Power consumption – 1200 watts
  • Rapid heating – this is very advantageous for you because you can use the product right away for a few moments after you turned it on.
  • Automatic continuous heat – when using this, you will not have to click the button manually from time to time because the heat constantly flows once it is turned on.
  • Ergonomic handle – The handle of this garment steamer is very easy to hold on to because of its non-slip texture, which can prevent accidents.
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Heavy in terms of weight: Despite its compact size you will have a hard time bringing it wherever you go because it is a little bit heavy.

8. Rossmann Garment Steamer

  • We Placed these Rossmann Garment Steamers in the Eight positions on our list of Best 10 Garment Steamers in India. The Rossmann BG522A garment steamer is the best buy for both professional as well as home use.
  • This energy-efficient ultra-premium garment steamer provides you the best results with ease. What is especially best about this device is its quick heat-up time that delivers strong steam to remove wrinkles from shirts, business suits, trousers, etc.
  • This versatile garment steamer can be used with any type of fabric, drape, upholstery, and curtains.
  • It has a stylish look, which makes it a perfect garment steamer that will add some awesomeness to you while you are using it.
  • There are plenty of other features that will make you think that this product is definitely a must-have, continue reading as we discuss it further below.
  • 3 levels of variable steam control
  • Water tank capacity: 2.5 liters
  • 2400 Watts High Power Continuous Steam
  • Digital LCD Display
  • Low Water Warning with Auto Stop with Beep Sound
  • Self Cleaning Function
  • Maximal power: 2400 W
  • Low price: It comes with a low price tag, thus making this one an affordable product.
  • High-quality materials
  • Back-friendly
  • Good for business use
  • No downsides noted yet
  • Not portable and expensive
  • Bulky: Since this product is a heavy-duty one, it comes in a pretty huge size making it hard to store and consumes too much space.
  • Consumes too much electricity: This is already given because this product is a heavy-duty garment steamer.

9. Sokany Handheld Garment Steamer

  • We Placed these Sokany Garment Steamers in the Ninth position on our list of Best 10 Garment Steamers in India. 
  • When we are traveling, we tend to bring a lot of clothes, especially on long travels. However, due to our carelessness, we fold our clothes improperly, which makes them very wrinkly once we wear them.
  • With1200 Watts of power and a reliable 260ml water tank, the steamer manages to provide 15 minutes of continuous steam to deal with those stubborn creases on the fabric.
  • The steam head provides wide coverage with its large nozzles strategically placed across the stainless steelhead. Its non-binding rotating power cord facilitates easy maneuvering of the appliance.
  • It is really important to have a useful device such as this Sokany Handheld Garment Steamer with you everywhere you go. It is very easy to carry because it is very compact in terms of size and is very light.
  • The product can be used on any surface both horizontally and vertically and hold that sharp look irrespective of the type of fabric.
  • 260 ml water tank with measuring cup
  • Heat up time – 30 seconds
  • Run time – 15 minutes
  • Instant heating
  • Multiple detachable heads
  • Automatic shut off and anti-drip features
  • Produces steam within 15 seconds
  • The rotating cord is a bonus
  • Power consumption – 1200 watts
  • Time-saver and worth the buy
  • Removable water tank – this gives you the privilege to clean the device easily
  • Multiple uses – freshens long-in-storage toys and fabrics
  • It takes time to remove wrinkles on clothes: Since this garment steamer is pretty small to expect that it will take a while to remove wrinkles
  • Some reviews suggest it is not so good with genuine cotton

10. Havells Creazo Garment Steamer

  • Garment steaming for wrinkle-free fabrics
  • Powerful steam jet
  • 6-speed control
  • Telescopic pole for height adjustment
  • Wheels for easy portability
  • Nice build quality
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Good to use on all type of fabrics
  • Removable water tank for easy refilling and cleaning
  • Rotating hanger for completely and evenly steam of the clothes
  • Sometimes water leakage issues from the tank

What is the Best Garment Steamer?

Garment steamers, also known as clothes steamers, are small appliances that, by using hot steam, efficiently remove wrinkles from clothing and fabric faster than traditional irons. They can also eliminate odors, sterilize furniture, tables, and other surfaces.

How To Choose the Best Garment Steamer?

Before checking out our clothing steamer reviews section with the top 7 best garment steamers, here are some things you should keep an eye on before hitting that buy button.

Type of Streamer

Selecting the type of garment steamer is very much important before buying it. Well, there comes the three variants of garment steamer that includes Floor models or Upright Garment Steamers and Handheld Garment Steamers

Look for steamers with accessories

Accessories helps Steaming more convenient for the user. To buy an efficient and versatile unit the accessories that come with the garment steamer are essential. Some models only include steam head, but others have various accessories that allow you to make wrinkles on wool pants or perfectly smooth down collars.

Another accessory that make ironing easier is clothes hanger, you can hang the clothes and grip the steamer with both hands. If the accessories are not included, then it will be difficult to use the steamer.

Size and weight

There are various models of garment steamers with various size and weight available in the market. If you are planning to buy a steamer for travel purpose, flexible, small, fit in any space and for few of clothes then go for light weight steamer. If you are planning to handle bulky workloads, then heavy weight steamers are the best options.

Steaming Temperature

Considering the steaming temperature is an important aspect to consider while choosing a steamer. If the temperature is high the wrinkles will fade away faster but there is possibility of damage in delicate fabric.

248 degrees Fahrenheit, this temperature can handle delicate to heavy materials, this temperature go through deep and relaxes fibres. There are different models of different maximum temperature available in the market.

Energy Usage

we need to read the details of wattage and the power consumption. We also need to make sure we have the necessary power sources available at the areas where you would like to use the steamer.

Replacement Parts

You need to know how best the after sales support in the market and how accessible the replacement parts are? Even if there is standard 1-year warranty, most companies sell these parts, those who don’t provide the replacement parts you have to improvise using stuff you can get from local hardware stores.

Performance Ratings

The performance of the steamer should offer you the flexibility of usage according to your preferences. The perfect steamer should be able to contain correct amount of water. The steamer should be able to convert water into steam in couple of minutes and should last up to 15 minutes, the water should last long 2.5 hours.


This is one of the most critical factors to look when shopping for a garment steamer, especially if you are budget-conscious. Always go for garment steamers that have low wattage for you to save some electricity while you are using it.

Maximum temperature

Put in mind what kind of garments do you plan to use it, especially if you have very thick garments opt for garment steamers that can produce extremely high temperatures.


It’s not necessary for a good steamer to be an expensive unit. It can be economical and energy-saving. According to your usage, set a price limit for yourself. The price of the steamer depends on the size and utility of the appliance. For instance, a commercial steamer will be expensive in comparison to a handheld steamer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to buy a garment steamer online?

Absolutely yes, and at the same time, it is more convenient. Just be sure that it is from credible websites just like

2. How do I know when to clean my steamer?

A clean garment steamer usually heats up within a few minutes of switching it on. Also, check if the steam is being ejected equally from all the nozzle holes. If not, it’s time to clean the appliance.

3. Is it normal for clothes to feel a little damp after steaming?

Yes, it’s completely normal. After all steam is water in its gas phase. It is advisable to leave the clothes out in the air for sometime before wearing.

4. Can garment steamers remove odors from clothes?

Yes, to an extent. If the odor is due to a water-soluble chemical, steamers can completely remove the odor. However, one might have to steam the cloth 2-3 times in installments.

5. How to use a garment steamer?

  • The first step involves adding water into the water tank of the steamer. Now, switch on the power and allow it to heat up.
  • It is more convenient to steam a garment when it is kept hanging on a hanger. So, hang the clothing you wish to steam on the hanger.
  • Now, take the steamer and start steaming your garment by running it vertically along with the fabric. The steamer doesn’t have to touch the fabric necessarily.
  • Once done, allow your garment to dry. You will get a smooth, wrinkle-free finishing.

6. How to clean a garment steamer?

Follow these steps to clean a garment steamer.

  • Allow the steamer to cool down once unplugged from the power source.
  • Fill the water tank of the steamer halfway with white vinegar. The remaining half should be filled using regular tap water.
  • Connect the steamer to the power source and allow it to heat up.
  • Remove the steamer from the power source and keep it aside to cool down.
  • Once it is cooled, open the tank and remove the solution.
  • Rinse the tank with normal water.

7. What is the difference between iron and steam clothes?

An iron presses the clothes down using its flat hot plate. On the other side, a steamer emits a jet of steam to remove the wrinkles from the clothes. Iron and steam clothes appear to look the same, i.e. wrinkle-free and smooth.

However, a steamer will also kill and remove the bacteria, germs, and mites from the clothes. Hence, steam clothes are odor-free and cleaner.

8. What is a garment steamer used for?

Rather than flattening fibers, garment steamers relax these fibers to remove the creases without burning the fabric.

9. Can I bring a clothes steamer on a plane?

Yes as long as you put it on carry-on bags and doesn’t have any liquid present in it.

10. Do garment steamers sanitize well and Do garment steamers remove odors?’

Yes, it is! It is proven that it can kill 99.9% of germs around your home because the steam it produces sanitizes very well and Yes, they do. They kill odor-causing bacteria with the use of high-temperature steam.

11. Can you steam clothes while wearing them?

No, but you can use a handheld pad for supporting the clothes you’re going to steam.


The idea is to purchase the best garment steamer that can help you get rid of the task of ironing so often. Depending on your budget and convenience of design, you would be able to make the right choice here. Speaking from our experience, your investment in performance and safety features will never go in vain, either. We hope you find our garment steamer reviews useful. All of these are quite efficient, reduce wear and tear on your clothes, restore the specialty of delicate fabrics, and will save you a lot of money in dry cleaning bills. So, just dive into the ultimate convenience by picking out the best one from the list.

So we’re coming on an end. But before we end this product review, we’ll be listing down our top picks for garment steamers based on its price range, so stay tuned.

In case you have any queries, you can reach us by commenting down below!

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